Seeing the World as a Digital Nomad

Who doesn’t want to travel the world? Who doesn’t want to work for themselves?

How about getting to have the best of both worlds? How does the option to travel and work digitally from anywhere in the world sound?
Global Digital Opportunity

There is a big shift in the working-remotely-world. Entrepreneurs, young and old, are getting on board with this movement. There are underground places that one can sign up for a week or more to travel to, live, meet like minded people, explore cultures, food, and share ideas in the world of digital space.

Pioneers in this Space

A couple of guys started NOMADX for people to do just that. You can check the NomadX guys out at

You can have the ability to do this as these guys created space “to facilitate the future of work for the freelancers, location independent entrepreneurs and remote employees who want a break from their routines to live, work and explore the world.”  These guys cover everything from housing, to travel to workspace. Getting to travel and meet up with others from around the world sounds like a great lifestyle.

They just had a summit in Lisbon Portugal. You can check out travel information here for Lisbon itself.

Be Part of the Movement

There are many people in this digital nomad lifestyle all around the world. You could easily find a place on every continent and in many different countries. Who knows, maybe you will be the next to create your own space in your town for others to travel to and have the opportunity to see your world and collaborate with others.

That is the beauty of doing work that can be all done online, a “digital-Nomad”. If you have always wanted to do your own thing, get out of the 9-5 grind, go for it! This is what life’s all about, explore this globe. By experiencing a new place, new country, different people, new perspectives, culture, you can come away refreshed, and have a new sense of purpose within your work.

If you have a strong interest in travel, being adventurous, getting out of your comfort zone, this is made for people like you.

Here is a great video that was featured on CNBC International about a digital nomad life.

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