Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad

You might be backpacking abroad in Europe your first time alone or a third time with friends. Either way, no matter who is traveling with you or where you are traveling to, be safe. You want to enjoy yourself and act on your curiosity and instincts. There is such a thing as playing it too safe, but to strike a happy medium here are a few tips to follow. A good friend, Erica Stackhouse, traveled from little old Rhode Island, traveled through Europe and gave some good tips that are incorporated as well.

When you arrive at a hostel, do not be shy. There are many hostels that are part of a large network which can be safe and enjoyable places to stay as you venture through your journey. Many of them are also outfitted with all the modern conveniences you could want.

These are great places to make new friends. If they are like you and are backpacking through, they can even become travel companions that offer you a chance to use the buddy system when going out at night or when going on walks or hikes to unfamiliar places. You might get lost together, but it is a lot easier to find your way back with a new friend.

Still, you want to exercise caution especially when you need to use a bus or train to travel. Be especially alert when in crowds because you want to avoid pickpockets. For this purpose, always travel with one or two debit or credit cards. If you need to carry cash make sure not to carry more than $100 with you.


Be sure to have the telephone number of your bank branch and your credit card company with you when you travel. If you lose a card or you have any issues with your bank account, you can call them and get things sorted out as soon as possible.

Make use of security deposit boxes if they are available at your hostel. Have your padlock with you to secure your box and place your money and valuables inside. A security box is one thing you will not want to share with any of your hostel friends.

While outside, you want to be sure you secure your backpack. A smaller lock will work to keep the bag from being unzipped when you are not aware. Also be sure to put a  reflector on a backpack so that you can remain visible in the rain or in the dark. Follow these tips to stay safe and have fun.

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